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International Association of IATA Retirees Since 1998

IAIR Version 8.07 - 13 July 2017


IATA provides Medical Insurance through Manulife for employees who have opted to remain in the medical benefits plan on retirement. For retirees, two plans are provided, known as Plan C and Plan D.  Plan D applies to those who retired  prior to 1 January 2008  and who elected to remain in that plan, while Plan C applies to all retirees who retired after that date. There are minor differences between the two plans. Check the Manulife website for details of the plan applicable to you.

Internet Service Registration

Go to Manulife website, enter “plan member“ and the ”plan ID”. On this next page choose the option “register”. About a week later you will receive an activation number and instructions. Call Manulife if this doesn’t happen.


In 2016 Manulife issued retirees with a pay-direct drug card which significantly facilitates the purchase of drugs at your local pharmacy.  For non-related drug claims, you can fill and print the English or French Claim Form on this site. Similar forms are to be found on the Manulife website where you can set up direct claims payments to your bank account. Please log into your Manulife account for further information.


Claims to Manulife for Dental work can only be made as a result of an accident.

Coverage on a Cruise
Manulife provides retiree medical coverage whilst on a cruise, i.e. at sea. Manulife will provide a written confirmation of  this coverage, if required by a cruise operator.

Emergency Travel Assistance Card
If required for a covered family member travelling alone, please contact Manulife Customer Service. Information on  emergency travel coverage and out of hours assistance.