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International Association of IATA Retirees Since 1998

IAIR Version 8.07 - 13 July 2017

Member Information - who to inform

When you move home, whatever  else  you may forget to do, please  remember to do the following three things, it is vital.

1. No matter where you live, please advise Normandin Beaudry of your new address, telephone number, email; bank details (if you have direct deposit) so that they know where to send your pension.

2. If you participate  in the retiree Medical scheme operated by Manulife, please tell Manulife of your new address. The change of address should also be notified to any health professional, including pharmacist, that stores your address and uses it on receipts submitted to Manulfe. If this is not done confusion within Manulife may occur.

Moving Home

Retiree Estate Executors

Please advise the three under-mentioned contacts about the death of a retiree.

1) Normandin Beaudry : Use the recommended IATA Administration email.  Normandin Beaudry will take care of informing RBC Dexia concerning pension payments. They will however not inform Manulife, and have requested that you inform Manulife directly.

2) Manulife:  (Customer Service: 1-800-268-6195)  

3) IAIR:  Email or write to IAIR President.  

3. Please also email our Membership Secretary, or write to IAIR, to enable us  to keep in touch with you.