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IAIR Version 8.07 - 13 July 2017

Medical Insurance for Canadian Plan Members

Important Information for Quebec Residents
Verify also if you are turning 65

Prescription drug coverage choices - age 65

RAMQ Financial parameters - July 1, 2016

QC Prescription Drug Plan - English

Frequently asked questions

QC Residents          

Non-QC Residents        


Medical insurance premiums that you pay can be claimed as a medical expense deduction in your income taxes at both federal and provincial level. For Quebec residents, as the employer paid portion of the medical insurance premium is a taxable benefit, it can also be claimed as a medical expense. At age 65 Quebec residents join the RAMQ Drug coverage and the related costs are also tax deductable. For any questions please contact Normandin Beaudry.



2017 Premium Increases

Mercer Information (French/English)