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International Association of IATA Retirees Since 1998

IAIR Version 8.07 - 13 July 2017

ID Card for IATA Retirees

IATA has maintained the eligibility criteria for reduced air travel:

“55 years old and 10 years' service on leaving employment or 25 years’ service”

In the past non-eligible retirees were not entitled to have an ID card and therefore could not benefit from other modes of reduced travel which required an official "ID".

IAIR initiated a request to enhance the card so that it may be used for all retirees (a note will identify whether or not the retiree is eligible for airline reduced travel).

The ID card request process is the same for all retirees.

How to obtain an IATA Retiree Card

Members who are interested in obtaining an IATA ID Card should consult Member Info/ID Cards Important information and complete either of the following:

ID Card Request - English

ID Card Request - French